Here are some Picassa albums of thousands of paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic, chalcolithic and later goddess and god idol figurines from India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Europe, China, Japan and the Americas.

paleolithic / mesolithic figurines etc

old aegean greek figurines

aegean greek figurines

vinca starcevo etc danube figurines

vinca & western figurines

cucuteni gumelnita etc danube figurines

samarra hassuna halaf etc mesopotamia figurines

anatolia etc figurines

badari maadi naqada etc egypt figurines

indus etc figurines

japan china etc figurines

americas etc figurines


pots n stuff

odd pots


just odd

just odd




Here are nearly a thousand maps and charts and graphs and plots of all sorts of stuff including genetics, ice ages, cultures and misc whatever

cultural maps

natural maps

anthro maps


the rest



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